Netty Wilson and Nathan Bone the designers behind the Budeful Brand

Meet the Designers Behind the Brand

Budeful Things Should Never Cost The Earth

Budeful is the joint venture of Netty Wilson and Nathan Bone. Formed in 2016, the inspiration for their brand came from walking on the sandy beaches and grassy downs in Bude, North Cornwall. Blending stylishly modern designs, with sustainable and low impact UK based manufacturing practices, Budeful aims to provide luxury products that do not cost the earth.

Each and every one of their creations is lovingly designed by the owners. They share a love and passion for Art Deco, drawing inspiration from the period to create their stylish pieces that enhance everyday life.

Using a carefully selected colour palette, their imagery is evocative of warm sunny days spent on the beach, with sunbeams slicing through the clouds.



Each and every one of Budeful's creations is designed with love. A love and passion for Art Deco, a love of quality products and a love of our environment. Drawing inspiration from our stunning North Cornish landscape, enables us to create the stylish pieces that you love.