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Every single one of us belongs to the one big family and we all inhabit one planet. It is our moral duty to ensure we all limit the impact we generate on both our local and global environments.

Budeful was created out of love for design, love for quality pieces and a love for not upsetting our environment. The following policies are what we hope will become an industry benchmark and show how it is possible to achieve a healthy balance between manufacturing quality items and being eco-friendly.

Responsible Supplier Policy

Historically, the U.K. has a great reputation for being innovators and manufacturers of quality goods. Budeful is a U.K. brand and (were possible) we only want to work with U.K. based suppliers to help us deliver our ‘Responsible Materials Policy’.

Budeful understands the needs to lead and innovate. This is why all of our suppliers have been vetted to ensure they align with our guiding eco-friendly principles. Before Budeful will work with suppliers, they are vetted and have to complete a questionnaire. We then score the responses and subject to the scores achieved we will award suppliers the opportunity to work with us.

Budeful is extremely keen to hear from any U.K. based manufacturers and suppliers who can assist us in becoming the U.K. (if not world’s) most Eco-friendly company.

Responsible Materials Policy

We are conscious of the environmental impact of the materials we buy and promote the use of responsibly sourced materials. We believe strongly in the need to minimise the impacts of our suppliers and their products have on the environment and only want to align ourselves with suppliers who share the same ethos as ourselves.

To achieve this we consider criteria such as material content, the use of local products and how far products travel to reach us as part of our appraisal process. We also seek materials with a high recycled content, low embodied energy and products and where possible, bear eco-labels and product declarations.

We want all our products to be durable and have a long life span and when they reach the end of their usable life, we would like them to also be repairable and or recyclable. In addition we seek to work with suppliers who instil best manufacturing processes that help reduce wastage and energy. When waste is generated, we also want to be confident that the material is also reusable and or recyclable.

Environmental Transparency

Transparency is critically important to us not just from our suppliers but in our communications to our customers. On our website all products will have ‘Environmental Assessment Information’ (EAI). This will allow our clients to make better informed choices about their purchases.

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