Summerleaze The Coming Storm Framed Luxury Print

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'Summerleaze, The Coming Storm' Limited Edition Framed Luxury Print. 


This is a one off print original framed print by the artist Lindsay Comens. Each print is meticulously crafted and embellished with the application of 23ct gold leaf. The artist's brush strokes capture the vibrant energy of an emerging and impending storm, while additional highlights are added with charcoal, liquid charcoal, gouache and chalk. Due to the unique nature of the artistic process, every print is distinct and individually worked by the artist. The presence of golf leaf creates a captivating shimmer that gracefully transforms with the ebb and flow of natural light throughout the day.

Each framed print comes with an artist signed certificate. and gold thumb print on each piece.

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Print Process:

Giclee Print on textured fine art print heavy weight water colour paper. Comes complete, professionally mounted and framed by a fine art printer and framer.


Available to collect in person from our store. For home or office delivery, please contact us for courier costs and options. You can email us at: 

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