Shell 18" Pendant | Budeful

SKU: JW000038



Recycled plastic shell 18" pendant with 925 sterling silver snake chain

 Behaviour Change Cornwall's Cornish ocean plastic scallop shells are transformed from blue dolly ropes (bundles of lost fishing line), lobster pot frames and white ropes they recover, turned into unique pendants that treasured on a recycled silver necklace that will never re-enter the sea.

Help fight the most pernicious types of ocean pollution!

  • Perfect gift – suitable for all
  • 100% recycled plastic – recovered by us from the ocean
  • 100% Recycled Sterling 925 Silver Snake 18″ 1mm chain
  • Each comes with certificate card telling you what it was and where it was found
  • Certified Made in Cornwall – by young Cornish artisans
  • Every pendant is unreplicable, unique, waterproof and one-of-a-kind memory of Cornwall

Comes packaged plastic-free in a branded recycled and recyclable eco-gift-box


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