Partnership with Greenspark

In Jan 2022 Budeful signed up to the where a donation from every sale goes towards sponsoring the planting of a tree; recycling plastic bottles from the ocean or sponsoring a hydro-electric scheme.

To help in the reduction of carbon emissions Budeful has agreed to donate 18p of every sale made to GreenSpark so that a tree can be planted. The live link below shows how we have helped reduce carbon generation so far.

Greenspark | Plastic & Carbon Offset

Carbon Management

The Budeful vision is to be truly carbon neutral within the next 2 years, with a plan to be carbon positive soon after. One of the biggest challenges the company faced was finding the right supply chain to support the mission of being the ‘Most Ethical Luxury Homeware Brand’ within the UK, if not worldwide.

Many of the Budeful products are already carbon neutral. Most are made from sustainable materials and processes that are low impact to the environment. Alongside this, work is being continued with suppliers to fine tune any remaining areas that need to be worked on.

As a business we know we can do more. While we continue to work towards being truly carbon neutral, we are In the meantime taking a number of other practical steps that are paving the way to becoming carbon neutral. Click here to read our full sustainability policy

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