Christmas Name Tree

We love this idea for Christmas!

This is a lovely way to remember friends, family and loved ones this Christmas.

All you need:

Nicely shaped small twig branch

Tall glass vase

White spray paint

Variety of dried  nuts / dried berries / or small pine cones

Coloured paper





Spray your twig branch white* (or any other colour you choose) and leave to dry for an hour or so. Meanwhile, cut out leaf shapes from different coloured papers (we like fall colours) add the names of your loved ones to each leaf and set aside. Cut up some lengths of string, long enough to make small loops to hang the leaf names on the tree. With a cocktail stick, make a small hole in the top of each of the leaves and tie through your string, making a loop on each one. Once your twig branch is dry, place it in the centre of your tall vase and drop your nuts / dried berries / or small pine cones gently into the bottom of the vase securing your twig branch in place. Place your leaf name tags on the branches and Voila! 

*When spraying your twig branch, make sure you do this outdoors and cover the area where you are spraying. Wear appropriate clothing to avoid paint staining.

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