Budeful Loo Roll Stars

Materials needed:

1. Toilet paper rolls (as many as you would like to use)


3. Ruler

4. Pencil / pen

5.Glue / adhesive

6. Paint / markers (optional)

7. Glitter or sequins (optional)

8. Ribbon to hang


1.Flatten the toilet paper rolls. Gently press down on the roll to flatter it. You can use your hands or ruler.

2. Mark and cut the toilet roll. Measure equal sections, the number will depend on your desired size of your stars. Each section will form one point of the star.

3.Cut along your marks, using scissors to carefully cut along the marked lines. Make sure your cuts are straight and even.

4. Shape the points: Pull each section to form a 'tear' shape. Repeat the steps for each section.

5. Join the points: Apply glue to the tip of one end of the point and connect it with the next point and continue until all of your sections are attached to one another in a star shape. Make sure you press then together firmly and allow to dry completely before the next step.

6. Optional: Decorate the stars. If you would like to add some colour and sparkle to your stars, you can decorate them using paint, markers, or by applying glitter, beads, or sequins. Get creative and make each star unique! As you can see, we have also created an inner star on these decorations, by cutting the toilet roll sections in half and gluing inside the larger sections.

7. Attach Ribbon: Attach ribbon, string or cotton to hang your decorations. You can also make a garland, or string several of them together to make a stunning room decoration, the choice is yours!

Remember, feel free to adjust the size of your stars according to your preference. Have fun being crafty and enjoy the process of making these Budeful ornaments from something you would otherwise throw away!

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