Bude Pepperpot Oven Gloves

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Bude Pepperpot Oven Gloves


All of the items in this collection, have been inspired by our stunning Cornish landscape. Our colour palette has been carefully selected to be evocative of warm sunny days spent on the beach, with sunbeams slicing through the clouds. Taking the imagery of Compass point in Bude as our starting point, our logo evolved through several incarnations, until we hit upon the icon you see today.

Additional Info

Max 30 degrees C wash

Approx Size: 850mm x 850mm

Insulated Double Oven glove

Fabric: Cotton Panama

Designed, Printed & Sewn in the UK

Minimal Environmental impact

Inks are water based and REACH compliant / accredited with GNA compliance / Oeko-Tex Eco Certification / ZDHC Roadmap to Zero programme (Zero Emissions of harmful chemicals) SEDEX registered company ref ZC408188864

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