Bude Blue Wave Dog Bowl

SKU: BBW000015


Bude Blue Wave Dog Bowl

Introducing our brand new pottery dog bowls, handmade in Bude, North Cornwall. These bowls are designed with a narrow top and wider base, keeping your puppy or dog's ears free from food. Inspired by the coast and beachy waves, as well as adorable puppy paw prints, this design is unique to Budeful and features our signature wave design and official Bude Blue color.

Available in three sizes, our small dog bowl measures 133mm at the base, 110mm at the top, and has a depth of 55mm. The medium size measures 155mm at the base, 130mm at the top, and has a depth of 60mm. And for larger dogs, our large dog bowl measures 200mm at the base, 160mm at the top, and has a depth of 70mm.

Each bowl is hand thrown using White Earthenware Clay and biscuit fired to just over 1100oC. They are then hand painted with colored under-glaze paints and dipped in a translucent glaze, which is then dried for a day. The glaze firing is slightly lower to ensure the bright colors do not 'burn out' in the firing process. To add the finishing touch, ceramic transfers are applied by hand and the bowls are fired for a third time to just over 800oC.

Not only are these bowls beautifully crafted, but they are also environmentally friendly. Handmade locally in Bude, North Cornwall, you can feel good about supporting a small business and reducing your carbon footprint.

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