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Charlotte Oven Gloves


Taking inspiration from Clara Bow, the first celebrity ‘It Girl.” She was also the inspiration behind Betty Boop! Clara was a natural redhead and was also known for being a bit of a tomboy. She was notorious for her huge eyes, bow shaped lips and incredibly expressive face. Charlotte definitely deserves a place at The Molls table, she is always a popular choice in this range.

Additional Info

Max 30 degrees C wash

Approx Size: 850mm x 850mm

Insulated Double Oven glove

Fabric: Cotton Panama

Designed, Printed & Sewn in the UK

Minimal Environmental impact

Inks are water based and REACH compliant / accredited with GNA compliance / Oeko-Tex Eco Certification / ZDHC Roadmap to Zero programme (Zero Emissions of harmful chemicals) SEDEX registered company ref ZC408188864

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