Rose Gold Starfish

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Rose Gold Starfish from our Branch & Beach Collection


Carved by the artist Lewis Harrison Kemp, from Jurassic Blue Lias Limestone. This stone is 200 million years old and is considered to be an impossible stone to carve. Using Tungsten chisels, each design is painstakingly created and every carving is totally unique and one of a kind. Each design is guilded by hand adding to the authenticity of each piece.

This large Starfish is guilded in 22ct Rose Gold, a brand new colour invented by the Gold Beating Factory Manetti in Italy. Manetti are the oldest Goldbeaters in the world and have been around since 1820. It has taken the company 8 years of research and development to create this Rose Gold option, as it is a tricky metal to get right due to the addition of copper. If too much copper is added, the leaf becomes britle. This is a very popular colour at the moment for all sorts of desing projects. This is the only factory in the world that is able to produce this colour.

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Size L

The Starfish you receive, will differ from the one pictured as each peice is a unique carving by the artist and all hand guilded. No two designs will ever be the same, so you can rest assured that yours will be a one of a kind peice to treasure for many years to come.

Can be an indoor our outdoor piece as there is no risk of tarnishing.

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