UK Based Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Planning & Building

Over a two year period, the team spent valuable time researching their U.K based supply chain to make sure that they shared ethical values similar to their own.  Once the directors were happy with the designs, quality and sustainability practices behind each product line, their Budeful Flagship store was opened in the Easter of 2016.

The legacy that has been built so far, means that the Budeful brand has positioned itself as a serious business innovator and leader within the retail sector. We feel that the Budeful Brand can be trusted to help maintain the delicate and precious environment around us.

Supply Chain Management

As stated, Budeful is committed to only working with UK based companies that align with our vision for sustainable, low impact and environmentally friendlier manufacturing processes, even if it means a little less profit for the company as a whole. Click here to read more.

Driving Standards and becoming Carbon Neutral
The key advantage of working with a UK based supply chain is that the UK is fast becoming a global voice for 'Green and Sustainable' solutions. As industry reinvents itself and catches up, Budeful will remain at the forefront of new innovations. In addition our carbon impact from transportation is significantly reduced as we are not reliant on international shipping, which has been proven to be carbon heavy.

Click here to read our sustainability policy

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