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Guilt free shopping

Budeful has done all the hard work so our customers don’t have to. We believe we are leading the way in making life easier for the consumer to make more ethical choices.

Every one of our products, within the ‘product information’ section will now carry environmental information. There will also be an environmental score and details of how many trees will be planted when purchasing our products.

Guide to how you are helping

Each product will display information on the part it plays in helping the environment

For every product you buy we will plant a tree

For every product you purchase, trees will be planted. The minimum number will be 1 tree per item bought. For some products, this number will be increased to help us achieve Carbon Neutral status or help us offset other products that only achieve Carbon Offset status.

Some of our products are carbon positive

Carbon positive means that there is surplus of carbon offset after the carbon neutral status has been achieved.

Some of our products are carbon neutral

Carbon neutral means the product has covered the generation of its creation. Most of our products meet this level.

Some of our products are carbon offset

Carbon offset means something is done to offset carbon generation, but falls short of being Carbon Neutral. No product will be sold that does not meet this minimum requirement.

This product when purchased helps fund hydroelectric schemes when purchased

For some products we sponsor global hydro-electric schemes. Look out for this symbol

this product was made from recycled plastic bottles from the ocean

Where this symbol appears, plastic bottles from the Ocean were collected and recycled to make this product

This product uses organic components from sustainable sources

Products made from organic ingredients or materials will have this symbol

This product is vegan and uses components from sustainable sources

Products made with vegan ingredients or materials will have this symbol


More information on sustainability can be read here

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