Carbon Management, Reduction & Being Neutral

Carbon Management, Reduction and Neutral.

Reducing carbon emission is one of the biggest challenges we face as a global community. Every single business has a moral responsibility to reduce if not eliminate their impact to the environment.

Our vision is to be truly carbon neutral within the next 2 years and be carbon positive soon after. As a business, one of the biggest challenges we have faced is finding a supply chain who can support us in our mission to be ‘the most caring luxury homeware brands’ within the UK, if not worldwide.

To that end, this is why we have opted to only work with UK based suppliers as we have a far greater chance of finding and working with individuals and companies who fit our mission. It also means there are less carbon emissions generated in the transportation of goods to our store.

We are pleased to announce that many of our products are already carbon neutral. All our products they are made from sustainable materials and processes which are all low impact to the environment. Co-currently we are working closely with our supply chain to fine tune the remain areas.

As a business we know we can do more and want to do more.  While we continue to work towards being truly carbon neutral, we are In the meantime taking a number of other practical steps that are paving the way to becoming carbon neutral. Click here to read our sustainability policy.

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